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Counselling / Psychotherapy

Tina J. Smith, BSW, MSW, RSW
Registered Clinical Social Worker and Psychotherapist

Tina has been providing counselling support and teaching as an interdenominational Christian Mental Health Practitioner for the Christian and non-Christian community for over 20 years in mental health.  God established her ministry with the revelation that “SCIENCE GLORIFIES GOD” by utilizing neuroscience and scripture to create healing within an individual’s spirit, soul and body (1 Thessalonians 5:23). God called her to provide treatment to individuals devastated by negative events, trauma and relationship wounds that cause people to remain in his or her suffering.  Tina has witnessed over 20 years of breakthroughs that has led to people rising in his or her call as a disciple of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The wounds of the past no longer hold people back from serving the Lord to see others healed through the power of his or her testimony.   Tina has observed complete healing of depression, anxiety, PTSD and walking free from the symptoms caused by trauma and wounds from relationships.  Tina has witnessed the Glory of God fall on people as they experience His love, grace and mercy.


God has continued to bring revelation through the stories of suffering, shame and condemmnation (often unintentionally) experienced within a church setting.  This pain holds experiences within the church of silence around mental health, shame-based messaging, lack of teaching pertaining to mental illness, and religious trauma that has resulted in people living under a shadow of pain while attending church never finding freedom in the cross of Jesus Christ.   These stories of pain have resulted in disillusionment with God, distrust in the church, and disunity.  Tina has been called to bring teaching to the Body of Christ about mental health, shame-reducing practices within the church, and understanding mental illness from the integration of neuroscience and scripture.  Tina has been asked to speak at conferences, community organizations, and church services and retreats to bring greater awareness of mental health that establish practices seeking to unify, reduce shame, and create opportunities for relational support within the church family.
Tina provides support as a biblically rooted and neuroscience integrated clinician that has resulted in greater healing and wholeness (spirit, soul and body) for the Body of Christ. She has founded a private practice and leads a team of therapists at Tina J. Smith & Associates Counselling & Psychotherapy providing treatment and support to individuals, couples, and families for various presenting concerns.