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Our Purpose

Our Key Focuses


We believe that people need to be heard and supported through open dialogue and shame-reducing practices in the church.  We are Christian Mental Health Practitioners providing a voice in the church for those that are unheard.  Our mission of our ministry is to provide teaching and resources for shame-reducing practices that are rooted in scripture and integrated with neuroscience.


We operate a Christian interdenominational counselling and psychotherapy practice called Tina J. Smith & Associates Counselling & Psychotherapy that supports individuals (children, youth, adults), couples and families.  We are dedicated to bringing research-based and God honoured treatment that helps people to a place of healing.


We bring helpful resources from a variety of sources and partnerships that help people access tools that bring hope and healing.


We believe partnerships with organizations and churches are vital in supporting people in their mental health healing journey.  Our social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram) provide opportunities for diseminating information, creating connections, and developing conferences.