How to work with Tina

Tina J. Smith Ministries

Provides the following support to the Body of Christ:

1. Teaching/Speaking at conferences about specialized areas of mental health
2. Founder of the Interwoven Mental Health Conference
3. Provide specialized training around shame-reduction practices within the church.
4. Speaking/teaching at church services, leadership groups, community organizations, and retreats.
5. Podcast to teach and challenge the Body of Christ toward greater wholeness
6. Monthly radio talk show called “Ask the Expert” about relevant issues about mental health.

Christian Conferences/Teaching
  1.  Breakfast of Hope in Wingham.  Community Conference organized by various denominations.  Title for Speaking was Mental Health:  Is there Hope?
  2.  Better Together Women’s Conference Woodstock  Title:  Healing our Spirit, Soul and Body
  3.  Women’s Connect Conference at Lakemount Worship Centre:  Title for this workshop was called “Shame in the Church”
  4.  Muskoka Women’s Conference Title:  The Journey to Freedom from Mental Illness
  5.  Gateway Women’s Conference:  You are Designed to Heal
  6.  Gateway Women’s Conference:  Wilderness Seasons
  7.  Marriage Seminar Weekend at Movement Church (was Calvary Church)
  8.  Marriage Seminar once a week for 9 weeks at Maranatha Christian Reformed Church Woodstock, ON
  9.  Interwoven Mental Health Conference February 2020 (First annual)


Community-Based Conferences/Teaching
  1.  PTSD in Parents of Children with Cancer in Barrie and Kitchener
  2.  PTSD in Children and Siblings with Childhood Cancer Barrie and Kitchener
  3.  PTSD Community Presentation Woodstock
  4.  Woodstock Fire Department PTSD Presentation
  5.  Police Services Webinar PTSD Training
  6.  First Responders Conference Woodstock Spring 2021

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